Dried Figs

Turkish sun dried apricots, Prunus armeniaca, are the first item that was ever traded by Lale Foods. The origin of this fruit is Malatya, as the founders of the company. Thus, Lale Foods has strong historical roots in this market, and pioneered many innovations in every era.

Dried apricots are mechanically washed, and inspected to remove any foreign materials and defects. Whole pitted apricots are packed into cartons and metal detected for final check.

Thorugh our contract manufacturers we are pleased to supply you with the sweetest apricots grow in the valleys of the Malatya region in Turkey. Dried apricots we supply are prepared from sound, mature, fresh apricots which have been wasted, cut, pitted, sulfured and sun dried.

The product is inspected throughout the process with stringent quality checks of our QC to assure conformance to our standards.

SUN DRIED APRICOTS (Diced Sulphured)