Lale is a leading supplier of Turkish dried fruits. With its expertise in the raw product, processing techniques, and superior customer relations, the company is committed to using its knowledge and experience to collaborate with customers to help them succeed.

Lale, with its 5000m2 processing plant, located near farmlands, has been bringing the best products of farmers to customers.

Processed Raisins dried seedless grapes of the Vitis Vineferat variety, are one of the main items of our company . Having its processing plant, near grape vineyards, Lale is enjoying the advantage of selecting the best products of growers. All raisins are washed, elaborated, stemmed, capstemmed, brushed, sized mechanically cleaned and detected for on line and final checks.

Dried apricots are mechanically washed, and inspected to remove any foreign materials and defects. Whole pitted apricots are packed into cartons and metal detected for final check.

Dried figs, Ficus Carica, are grown in the Aegean Region, around Izmir area, where Lale factory is located. Figs are special products, which require sensetive processing to possess high quality. Lale specializes on its expertise on the raw products and careful processing activities, to satisfy its customers with the high quality.

Lale purchases only the ripest, finest tomatoes from the selected growers. Sun dried tomatoes are processed, then vacuum packed and metal detected, packed and ready for shipment. Dried tomatoes are available in halves, Julienne or diced as 5 mm. to 8 mm. cubes.

Lale Foods Production
Lale Foods Production