Processed Sultanas, dried seedless grapes of the Vitis Vineferat variety, are one of the main items of our company. Having its processing plant, near grape vineyards, Lale Foods is enjoying the advantage of selecting the best products of growers.

All sultanas are washed, elaborated, stemmed, capstemmed, brushed, sized mechanically cleaned and detected for on-line and final checks.

Aegean Region’s bleached and unbleached grapes are used for the production of sultanas raisins.

Sultanas Raisins we supply have long enjoyed a variety of applications as snacks, prominent ingredients in mixes, sauces and condinents and in a wide variety of baked goods and confections.

The raisins are classified into five types under the type numbers of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 according to their colurs.

The raisins are divided into five sizes jumbo, standard, medium, small and small according to their largeness being.